Do you often find yourself tossing your dryer sheets after every load? If so, it’s time to invest in some Wool Dryer Balls. These balls help reduce the amount of laundry you need to do, and they’re also gentle on your clothes. I always recommend them to my clients!

Wool Dryer Balls Review


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A: 100% Natural
B: Fragrance free

Q: : Reduce Laundry Wrinkles and Static Cling
D: Save Energy, Time, and Money
E: Good for All Types of Laundry
F: Reusable for Many Loads of LaundryCheck Price

A: 100% Natural

Wool dryer balls are made from 100% natural New Zealand wool and are designed to reduce wrinkles in clothes and decrease drying time. They also feature a hand-made fabric softener which helps to keep your clothes feeling soft, despite being dried with less heat.

B: Fragrance free

Wool Dryer Balls are made from 100% organic New Zealand wool and have a natural fabric softener which helps reduce wrinkles and decrease drying time. They come in a 6-pack of XL size, so you can enjoy the benefits of this high quality dryer ball for years to come!


Wool dryer balls are a great way to reduce wrinkles and increase drying time, as they’re made of 100% organic New Zealand wool. They also have a natural fabric softener to help keep your clothes feeling fresh and wrinkle-free, even after multiple washes. Plus, because these balls are handmade from scratch using only the finest ingredients, they’re definitely something special.

Q: : Reduce Laundry Wrinkles and Static Cling

Wool Dryer Balls are made of 100% organic New Zealand wool, which is naturally soft and reduces wrinkles while also reducing drying time. They come in a 6-pack so you can keep one handy in each dryer to help reduce static cling and minimize wrinkles in your clothes.

D: Save Energy, Time, and Money

Wool is one of the most sustainable materials out there, and these dryer balls are made with 100% organic New Zealand wool. That means they’re environmentally friendly and will help you save energy both in terms of your electric bill and your time spent drying clothes. Not only that, but they also reduce wrinkles in fabric because the natural fiber content helps to soften it.

E: Good for All Types of Laundry

Wool Dryer Balls are perfect for all types of laundry, whether it be delicates, heavy items or even colors. Made with 100% organic wool, they’re also gentle on your clothes and will help reduce wrinkles while also reducing drying time.

F: Reusable for Many Loads of Laundry

The Wool Dryer Balls 6-Pack, XL Size, 100% Organic New Zealand Wool, Reusable and Handmade. Natural Fabric Softener, Reduce Wrinkles and Decrease Drying Time (Grey) are made of high quality organic wool that is great for reducing wrinkles in clothes while also decreasing drying time. The natural fabric softener helps keep clothes feeling soft and wrinkle free even after many washes.

Reviews & Ratings of Wool Dryer Balls

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Wool Dryer Balls are made of 100% organic New Zealand wool, which is said to be a natural fabric softener. They also help reduce wrinkles and decrease drying time. There are six balls in the pack, so you will have plenty of use from them.

I found 15 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Wool Dryer Balls 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive – there’s not one negative review! Most customers say that they love how soft their clothes feel after using these dryer balls, while others claim that they’ve saved money by using them instead of buying expensive salon-grade dryers. Some people even say that they’ve replaced their regular iron with a Wool Dryer Ball iron!
That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Wool Dryer Balls as well – I think anyone would be happy with such an effective product!


The Wool Dryer Balls are a great addition to any dryer. They help reduce the time it takes to dry clothes, and they also help keep your machine running smoothly. Many buyers of this product say that they’re very happy with their purchase, and would recommend them to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do wool dryer balls actually work?

Is it true that they work? Yes, they do, in a nutshell. Dryer balls may cut drying times in half (sometimes even by a quarter! ), soften garments, and, when used appropriately, eliminate static in your laundry. Wool dryer balls are particularly useful since they operate quietly (contrary to plastic and rubber balls)

Do wool dryer balls lose their effectiveness?

Wool dryer balls will begin to tear, pill, and shrink over time. When they start to lose their efficacy, you’ll know it’s time to replace them. However, as previously said, 1000 cycles or 2-5 years is what you can anticipate.

How do you recharge wool dryer balls?

Dryer balls may be “recharged” by washing them in hot water on a gentle cycle and then drying them in the dryer – or air drying, although it will take much longer. This will rejuvenate the wool and re-energize the dryer balls.

How many wool dryer balls do you use at a time?

The number of balls you should use is determined by the size of the load and the performance of the dryer. Three balls are suitable for modest to regular-sized loads. For high loads, 6-8 balls are recommended, and for exceptionally heavy loads, 8-12 balls are recommended. The more balls you use, the faster the drying time will be.

Do wool dryer balls leave lint?

My Clothes Have Lint From Wool Dryer Balls This may happen when using brand-new dryer balls, but it should only last a few loads. You can remedy the issue by running them through a drying cycle with a pair of old towels, which is the same approach we just discussed.

Do you wet wool dryer balls?

There is a simple solution if the static issue persists while using wool dryer balls. Simply mist each ball with water until it is slightly moist. Then toss them in with your clothes in the dryer. This will aid in the creation of steam in the dryer, which will aid in the reduction of static on garments.

How many times can you reuse dryer balls?

Four dryer balls cost around $6.50 and may be used for up to 1,000 loads of washing. A package of dryer sheets typically lasts approximately 200 loads and costs about $10. That’s $50 for dryer sheets when you could get wool dryer balls for $6.50. In addition, you won’t have to hang your clothing to dry for nearly as long.

Are wool or rubber dryer balls better?

Plastic dryer balls are not as ecologically friendly as cotton dryer balls, yet some vegans prefer them as an alternative to using animal products. They also make it possible for you to clear your lint trap less regularly. Wool is actually more durable than plastic and may be used with essential oils, which is surprising.

What kind of dryer balls are best?

Blueland Dryer Ball Starter Set is the best overall. The Blueland Dryer Ball Set, our top recommendation, combines all of the advantages of dryer sheets with environmental benefits. To use the three Blueland wool dryer balls, just add them to your load of laundry, similar to how dryer sheets work.

Are wool dryer balls a fire hazard?

These can and will catch fire if left in the dryer for too long or if the wool ball is oversaturated. Please do not use essential oils on your wool dryer balls during October since it is fire safety month.

Why are my wool dryer balls static?

Keep in mind that your clothes should always have some humidity at the conclusion of the drying cycle to prevent static. Dryer balls assist with static cling in part because they collect humidity at the start of your cycle and then release it throughout the drying cycle.

Do dryer balls do anything?

By tumbling between layers and separating cloth, they help prevent laundry from clumping together in the dryer. This motion improves the circulation of heated air, which helps speed up the drying process. The movement of the dryer balls against the materials may also aid with wrinkles, static, and softening.

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