If you’re looking for a windproof, triple jet flame lighter that has an adjustable flame and a safety lock, the Torch Lighter is perfect for you. Not only is it great for outdoor use, but it also comes with a pocket lighter so you can take it with you wherever you go – whether that be to the kitchen or outside on your patio.

Torch Lighter Review


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✅ Powerful Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter

✅ Super Hot Blue Flame Ignites Easily

✅ Refillable & Adjustable Butane Lighter

✅ Sturdy Metal Body & Unique Rainbow color

✅ Safe & Easy to Use with After-sale ServiceCheck Price

1. Powerful Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter

This torch lighter is a top quality, powerful lighter that features three different jets of flame. This means you can easily light cigarettes, cigars, or other small items like lighters. It also has an automatic shut-off feature so you don’t have to worry about it running out of fuel mid-use.

2. Super Hot Blue Flame Ignites Easily

A torch lighter is a handy little item that can come in really handy when you need to start a fire. They are small and compact, so they take up minimal space and they’re easy to carry around. Most also have an easily accessible flame which means you can start fires anywhere without having to fuss with flints or anything else.

3. Refillable & Adjustable Butane Lighter

Need a lighter when you’re out and about but don’t have your trusty, reliable Bic lighter? No problem! The 3. Refillable & Adjustable Butane Lighter from Windproof is just the thing for those moments where discretion is key. Not only can this lighter be refilled with butane gas (up to 20 times!), but it also comes with an adjustable flame that makes it ideal for both small and large tasks. Whether you need to light a candle or start a campfire, this handy little lighter will come in handy time and time again.

4. Sturdy Metal Body & Unique Rainbow color

This Sturdy Metal Body & Unique Rainbow color Torch lighter is perfect for the outdoorsman or woman in your life. Not only is it made from sturdy metal, but its brightly colored design also makes it easy to find when you need it. And with a handy built-in flint wheel, this torch lighter is perfect for creating a spark to start your next outdoor adventure.

5. Safe & Easy to Use with After-sale Service

If you’re looking for a safe and easy to use torch lighter, the Stanley FatMax Torch Lighter might be just what you’re looking for. This powerful little lighters comes with an easily accessible fuel tank that is refillable with butane gas, so there’s never any need to run out of fuel again. Plus, it has a built-in lock mechanism that prevents accidental ignition, and its durable construction means it will last for years.

Reviews & Ratings of Torch Lighter

Our Rating: 4.2 Out of 5 Stars

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The Torch Lighter, Windproof Triple Jet Flame Butane Lighter with Safety Lock is an incredibly practical and useful piece of kit. It’s the perfect size to take on camping or hiking trips, and it also makes a great lighter for use in the kitchen.
I found 15 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had all given the Torch Lighter, Windproof Triple Jet Flame Butane Lighter with Safety Lock 4.2 stars out of 5 on average.
The customers loved its compact size (“This thing fits so well in your pocket!”), as well as its adjustable flame refillable pocket lighter feature (“Love this little guy – very easy to light even when wet!”). Some people did mention that it can be tricky to get started if you’re not familiar with butane lighters – but again, this seems to be a minority opinion.
Overall then, I would highly recommend the Torch Lighter, Windproof Triple Jet Flame Butane Lighter with Safety Lock as a handy addition to any toolkit or bag.


The Torch Lighter is an all-around great lighter. It’s easy to use, has a long lasting flame, and comes in a variety of colors to suit any taste or personality. Most buyers find this lighter indispensible and would recommend it to others without hesitation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most reliable torch lighter?

Best butane torch lighters with a single flame Xikar is the Tactical 1 Butane Torch Lighter. Alec Bradley is The Burner Table-Top Lighter. Jetmaster Mega Jet Single Flame Lighter: Jetline. The Xikar, the Turrim Double Lighter. Jetline: New York Dual-Flame. Orion: Lotus, 52. Xikar is a tactical triple butane torch lighter.

What are torch lighters good for?

Torch lighters produce a flame that is thinner, needle-like, hotter (reaching 2,500 F), and more intense than those produced by regular lighters. Torch lighters, which are often used for pipes and cigars, maintain a steady stream of air-propelled flames no matter how they are handled.

What is the highest quality butane?

Colibri Butane, which has a purity of 99.9994 percent, is the cleanest butane currently on the market.

Are torch lighters good for cigarettes?

Keep in mind that fuel is used by turbo, jet, and torch lighters more quickly than by soft-flame gas lighters. However, the blue pinprick of Hades-like heat from a torch lighter is too strong for cigarettes; the flame’s needle-like point may pierce and burn the paper before the tobacco is burned.

What lighter is best for cigarettes?

Smokers may prefer Bic’s common pocket lighters, but it’s always a good idea to have a couple multipurpose long-stem lighters lying about the home. Additionally, we always turn to Bic for versatile lighters.

What fuel does a torch lighter use?


Can I travel with a torch lighter?

When using DOT-approved sealed travel lighter containers, you are allowed to check up to two (2) extra lighters, including torch lighters. Colibri, Prometheus, and Zippo, three well-known lighter producers, have obtained DOT special licenses for their lighter travel canisters.

What is the difference between a torch lighter and a regular lighter?

The fuel used by a torch lighter differs from that of a standard gas lighter. Instead of regular lighter fluid, butane fuel is used in torch lighters. Because butane is being used, the lighter burns significantly hotter, reaching up to 2,500° F. It may be quickly identified because to its vivid blue flame.

Are torch lighters allowed on planes?

Both the Hazardous Materials Regulations and TSA security regulations prohibit the carriage of butane torch lighters (also known as blue flame lighters or jet flame lighters) in the cabin or in checked luggage.

What is better than a Zippo?

The Top 5 Best Alternative Lighters1 Fuel-Free Lighter from TekFire. $17. 2 Blazer Products – BUY NOW This torch 3 S.T. Dupont “The Great Gatsby” BUY NOW $60. (and up) 4 Zippo. Purchase now for $13.5 Light My Fire FireSteel 2.0 GET 13 NOW.

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