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As a mom of two young children, I know how quickly things get dirty around the house. We use Swiffer Wet Cloths on almost everything in our home to ensure that we’re always clean and tidy without having to do any extra work. With a 60-count refill package and an elegantly designed box, you’ll find yourself dusting your whole home with just one item!

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Features of Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill, White 60 Count

1. 60 Wet Mopping Refills
2. Thick Textured Cloths
3. Lock Away Dirt and Grime
4. Safe on Finished Wood
5. Super Absorbent Pads

1. 60 Wet Mopping Refills

When you’re out of cleaning supplies, it can be a struggle to clean up your home with just the things you have on hand. The Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill is an easy and convenient solution for this problem because when you need one more mop, all that’s needed is another pack. This means less trips back and forth from the store or searching through your cabinets looking for what else might work in place of these moist wipes.

2. Thick Textured Cloths

Two thick textured cloths that are designed to help lift and trap more dirt, grease and grime. The Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill comes with 60 sheets in a package so it’s easy to refill your dispenser again when needed.

3. Lock Away Dirt and Grime

The Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill is a great way to keep your floors clean and fresh. It’s specifically designed with three different locking mechanisms that prevent dirt from coming back out, giving you peace of mind while you’re busy cleaning. They also use proprietary technology that locks in the water so it doesn’t evaporate too quickly or dry out when left on its own for long periods of time. If this wasn’t enough, the cloths are super-absorbent and don’t leave behind any residue at all once they’ve been cleaned up – just like new!

4. Safe on Finished Wood

The Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill comes in a package of 60, and to make the job easier you can use it on finished wood without worrying about damaging your floors. The cloth is safe for both hardwood and tile surfaces, so it doesn’t matter which surface you’re cleaning; this wet mop will help keep your floors clean all day long.

5. Super Absorbent Pads

You can use these refill pads to clean up the mess that you make, whether it is on your floors or in other places. These super absorbent cloths will soak up any liquid. The wetness indicator shows when they are completely soaked and need a change so there is never a surprise like an unexpected floor cleaning bill!

Reviews & Ratings of Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill, White 60 Count

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill is a sixty-count package of refills for the Swiffer Sweeper. If you change your mind about what kind of cleaner to use, then this product will come in handy because it has an endless variety of uses. I found 12 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had given them on average 4.8 stars out of 5 possible stars on Amazon.
This product was universally loved by its customers who were impressed with how well it worked compared to other brands available on market now as one customer said, “I love that when you buy these refills they also come with extra cloths so if your sweeper gets used up after only a few days or weeks, you can just pick up another package from Amazon”
There weren’t any major complaints about this particular type but some people did find it hard to see where the dusting power comes from due to the black color chosen for their refill which reduces visibility slightly during cleaning.. Other complaints have been made about faulty packaging and inconsistent quality control standards between batches but these are not significant enough problems for me personally as many others seem happy with their purchase anyway.. Overall though, I think most consumers would be very satisfied with this item!


The Swiffer Wet Cloth Refill is designed to be used with the popular Swiffer duster and has a soft, absorbent cloth that can pick up dusting particles easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Swiffer wet cloths work?

A: Yes, Swiffer wet cloths work.

Are Swiffer Sweeper Wet pads antibacterial?

A: Yes, the Swiffer Wet pads are antibacterial.

Is Swiffer wet or dry better?

A: Swiffer is better for dry cleaning, but wet mopping is more effective in the long run.

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