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Ultrasonic repellers are a useful tool for keeping critters out of your yard, but they can be costly to buy. Sometimes you might not want to take the time and effort it takes to keep these pests away from your home. If that’s the case, then I recommend checking out Glaobule Mouse Repellent Review. This review will show you how this smart device works by releasing ultrasonic waves in order to drive mice away – without needing any batteries!

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Features of Glaobule Mouse Repellent

1. Mouse Repellent
2. Auto Standby
3. 3 AA Batteries
4. Mountable
5. Durable

1. Mouse Repellent

Glaobule Mouse Repellent is a product that can be used to keep mice away by providing them with an unpleasant smell. This product has been formulated for use in homes and offices. It’s easy to apply this mouse repellant and it doesn’t require any complicated process or ingredients, so anyone who wants to get rid of the pesky rodents should give Glaobule a try.

2. Auto Standby

This mouse repellent works by emitting a high-pitched sound that mice find painful. The device can also be used to temporarily trap and kill roaches, ants or fleas. When you’re done with the product, it automatically turns itself off as it self-senses when not in use.

3. 3 AA Batteries

Glaobule Mouse Repellent is a mouse repellant that uses 3 AA batteries to emit an infrared light. This light keeps away mice, rats, and other pests in the dark by scaring them while they are asleep or when they are approaching food sources. It works like magic because even if you have plenty of lights on your countertop this product will still work effectively as it emits only enough IR radiation for humans not animals to see.

4. Mountable

Glaobules are designed for use on a ball-shaped mouse trap which is mounted to the wall. The Glaobule Mouse Repellent uses an electrostatic charge, rather than any kind of harmful chemical or smell that can cause harm to humans and pets alike.

5. Durable

This durable mouse repellent is made of natural, organic ingredients. It has a light formula that doesn’t irritate or leave residue on hands.

Reviews & Ratings of Glaobule Mouse Repellent

Our Rating: 4.2 Out of 5 Stars

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The Glaobule Mouse Repellent is a product that is specifically designed to repel mice from areas where they are unwanted. This machine uses ultrasonic frequencies which don’t affect humans, so you can leave it on all day with no worry about harm coming to your family members or pets. The company offers a money-back guarantee if the device doesn’t work as advertised within 10 days of purchase and has an 18 month warranty for peace of mind.,
I found 5 customer reviews at the time of writing, but all had awarded this product 4 stars out of five for their experience.
One customer said that “it works like magic! I have been trying different things in my house over the last few weeks because we were having some mouse problems and nothing was working until now! It’s really easy to use too—just plug it into any outlet and put it next to your kitchen sink; then scan around each room while holding one end down by sticking fingers near bottom (or top) holes.”
Another happy customer wrote: “This little gadget saved our sanity!!! We used another brand in years past without much success…we didn’t see many results with those either.”
But people seem generally positive about using this item, saying how effective its design is even though there aren’t many reviews available yet..


The Glaobule Mouse Repellent is a high-quality and effective product that can be an invaluable asset to anyone with mice. It has been rated highly by consumers who say it works well at repelling rodents, and many agree that the device would make sense as part of a comprehensive pest prevention strategy for smaller households or in multi-unit buildings where rodent problems are more prevalent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do ultrasonic mouse repellents really work?

A: Ultrasonic mouse repellents are not a scam. They do work, but they dont work as well as advertised. The sound waves emitted by the device can only be heard by mice and other small animals, so humans wont hear them at all.

What is the best mouse repellent spray?

A: The best mouse repellent spray is the one that you feel most comfortable with. There are a lot of different types of mice repellents on the market, so its hard to say which one is the best.

What are the best mice plug in repellent?

A: The best mice plug in repellent is the one that you use.

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